About us

 Welcome to My Cafe Gourmand, a blog dedicated to exquisite food and classy event decoration!

My first experiences working with food began at a young age while living in Europe. I would rummage through the pantry, looking for various ingredients to make a delectable dish. At times when I didn’t have an ingredient on hand, I saw it as an opportunity to play with new food ideas, mixing and matching new spices until I got just the right blend. That’s when my love for food and cooking truly grew. But that wasn’t enough.

As time went on, I also wanted to present my food creations in beautiful designs and arrangements. Having a plate of food that is equally satisfying to the eyes and the stomach is something I take great pride in. As a wife and mother of 3, one of my favorite things to do is surprise my children with new culinary delights. My favorite part is hearing them say, “Mom! I’ve never tasted anything like this before!” And suddenly all the effort and work, is worth it. Those words motivate and justify all my efforts in the kitchen.

My friends often tell me, “Irina, you must open up a restaurant!” But to be honest, I fear that once it becomes a “job,” I will lose the love and passion I feel for cooking. And so, this blog, with Natalija offers me the perfect opportunity to share my delights with readers, while also retaining my passion for all things culinary and classy.

When my life crossed paths with Natalija’s, I never dreamed that we would have a blog together. However, living near one another and having children attending the same school allowed us to get closer. We soon realized we both have a passion for all things delicious and all things classy.

For now, our blog is focused on bringing you both new and old recipes (with our own special twist of course) but soon we plan on introducing design themes and decor ideas for all the special occasions that life throws our way. Stay tuned! There’s plenty more delicious and beautiful things coming your way!

If you’re looking for cooking classes for kids near Seattle WA, visit our good friends website at: https://partyandcook.com/

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